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Monday, December 2, 2013

Overseas Filipino Worker Book 1 and 2 #BooksPromotion

Overseas Filipino Worker Book 1 and 2

A weak young man…A first true love…A beautiful-rich woman obsessed with love…A kind-loving wife…A circle of friends…Chasing their dreams abroad as OFWs…All brought together with their destiny to love aflame with conflict, lies, lust, ambition, hatred, revenge and the struggle for life in a faraway place.

Marco Fernando’s new status in life was confronted by a series of discoveries he never imagined. Poverty consumed him to continue his journey until a rich woman Danielle Gustilo shed light playing the game he mastered; she never thought that Marco became her enemy for life. Marco decided to play the dirty game of love without the knowledge of his wife Ayah Isabel Gonzales while reaching his dreams abroad, and a lifetime journey in molding his future. He longed for happy-family-life through his money, but boredom surrounds him that nearly broke his family.

Marco Fernando's life in Dubai City continues while expanding his business empire globally. The CIA wanted him so much to be a part of the operations in which he cannot denied because of his family's in danger. The Americans gave him a mission in China for cyber espionage, but instead discovered that his country, the Philippines is under demolition.

His friendship with Oliver, the son of Mike Luna, resulted to a disaster during their operation because of his love to a beautiful Chinese lady. Confronted the danger inside the enemy territory, his children wanted to rescue him at all cost. But, love blossomed between him and his enemy counterpart that resulted his mission to be aborted. He met his counterpart that broke his heart in two.

Despite for all the odds of his mission, he's determined to proceed because of the love for his country. His journey to penetrate the Chinese Espionage Team gives him the power to accept other facets of life that he thought to be just as simple as loving his wife, Ayah Isabel Gonzales.

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