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Monday, June 13, 2016

The ED Solution Pro: Impotence Problem Ideas e-Book #BooksPromotion

The ED Solution Pro: Impotence Problem Ideas e-Book #BooksPromotion

The ED Solution Pro is an e-book authored by Alex who can help gentlemen with erection problems to apply and understand an exclusive way of removing their difficulty. This procedure is safe, easy and natural to find out by any man. Optimum Alex is really a gentleman that endured impotence problems previously and also this situation virtually wrecked his daily life. He states that a lot of men are humiliated through the identical condition that impacted him. He also states that he identified the answer and this answer works well with guys of all ages. In this ED Solution Pro review guys will learn everything they have to know of the item to make sure they really know what they’re acquiring.

The ED Solution Pro can be a simple and efficient strategy to remove erectile dysfunction. Optimum Alex says that the technique that he or she employed is requires numerous digestive support enzymes, proteins and necessary protein and those ingredients can be bought for less than fifteen money from local shops. This means that the guy who wishes to utilize his method have to consume food items each day, as well as having a particular health supplement.

Also a schedule to follow, so that you know when to eat them, though the ED Solution Pro program suggested by Max does not only contain information about what foods you should eat. There is a advised dosage mentioned too. The program will last for 14 days and nights and offers to correctly treat your impotence problems. As soon as you stick to this plan, you are going to find yourself feeling much better, have lengthy erections and enhance your sex life forever.

So that you can know how penile erection operates, males have to know a few things about this. Penile erections begin with a chemical created in the minds of males that moves down their own bodies and reach their penises. As soon as the compound actually reaches the erotic internal organs, it brings about the release of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide supplement can loosen up numerous sections of your penis, such as muscle groups and arteries. Blood circulation in the penis improves and the organ is filled with blood, as a result. The ultimate end result is the stress that is certainly created, as it can lead to an erection.

An impotence problem takes place when a stride of the procedure is clogged on account of certain reasons. Interruptions could happen once the essential chemicals will not be appropriately produced inside the mind, less than anxiety factors, or should there be not sufficient arousal. In these cases, the penile erection might be only part or it may be totally missing. A lower stream of blood flow because of blood flow vessel constraint is the principal reason for impotence problems for older guys.

Often times ED is the consequence of multiple factors. These aspects might be psychological or physical and are generally regarded the basis of your dilemma. These variables needs to be dealt with first are tried out. You will get a recommendation on how to treat these symptoms if you tell your physician about the symptoms. But, you may not get a real cure, because only the symptoms will be dealt with. You could possibly contemplate a subject: does a get rid of that will deal with the root from the issue definitely can be found? The answer is yes, but you must find the right product and The ED Solution Pro is the real type of solution for erectile dysfunction.

Once you know that you may have erection problems, you need to determine the reason. If the cause is physical, such as restricted blood flow, you will fully benefit from a supplement based on nitric oxide and the e-book written by Max Alex will be able to help you. If the lead to is emotional (stress relevant), then a e-publication may well not allow you to as much as it might aid someone who has the situation as a consequence of actual physical issues.

ER Reverser offers a list of elements you could order from your nearby retailers. The-book also tells you the amount of these elements you should consider and once to get it done. About seventy percent of erectile dysfunctions are due to other difficulties, like renal system condition, coronary artery disease, nerve illness, vascular diabetes and disease. Because of this, consulting your physician before you try any cure is highly recommended.

Source: Meltus Jacob @jrhonest.com

Thursday, November 12, 2015

3 Internet Marketing Promotion Tactics You Could Consider #BooksPromotion

3 Internet Marketing Promotion Tactics You Could Consider #BooksPromotion

If you want to close more sales, you will want to get a grasp on e-zine publishing in Internet marketing today, so you can make informed choices when publishing your own e-zine. Such kind of marketing entails an extremely saleable item or service, a well-designed site and good marketing abilities. Some products can run features that guide or facilitate 'guerrilla marketing,' an undercover strategy of promoting products and services. After finding a best forum, read the TOS of the forum, whether it allow signature link. It is a never-ending quest.

Readers are more likely to finish reading your article if it is easy to understand. Click Bank sells electronic books on many topics that people are interested in. Internet marketing is not easy. SEO RAISERS has the most competitive team of experts for SEO services that caters to both the Indian as well as the overseas markets, that includes clients in USA, UK, CANADA and AUSTRALIA. The latter has had the harmful effect of letting the many less-than-reputable marketers and even the outright scammers obtain a larger percentage of our attention than they ever could otherwise.

This article is a word to the wise, intended for anyone interested in making money online as an affiliate marketer. Study the package deals; analyze the contents and benefits before deciding if you want one. As anything new, you want to start out the right way. When you are internet marketing make sure you offer a refund policy. At such a cheap price, you keep people clamoring for more and visiting your site in the process.

How successfully have they managed previous campaign? While learning the ropes by yourself may be enjoyable, it may be time-consuming. For novices this chore might appear daunting and insurmountable nonetheless isn't so, and if you think maybe it is, you possibly can always chip set for the professional skills of SEO (Search Powerplant Optimization) experts.

There are basically five main methods of using marketing techniques for website promotion. The fact is, article directories are just as useful and effective as they were 8 years ago in terms of SEO.

By signing up for affiliate networks, you will get commissions for every sale you make. Once you have written your articles, you can begin distributing them to the many directories. affiliate programs are very popular on the internet. Contact your referrals and introduce yourself, share some of your tips, attempt to make friends with them and there is a good chance that they will stay long for their subscriptions. The average high commission payout among affiliate products is 30% to 50%.

You can make money on the Internet, but it's not that easy. With the help of your email list, you can send newsletters to promote your products and services. But success doesn't come easy. This is such a common myth yet you hear people discussing it regularly. Some forums will entertain you, some will get you ideas about specific fields, even some forums will help you to build a network.

You can be surprised at how the task can be effective. They allow aspiring company owners to promote new products to a large number of people, while gaining a lot of publicity, gathering information about competitors and promoting a higher level of trust. Choose a package caters to your site's needs. This increases your chance of succeeding many times over compared to setting up a traditional bricks and mortar shop or office. This is because the internet makes a huge difference.

Source: Zebara Rebnikvibsik

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Find an Insightful and High Quality Book Review Blog to Read #BooksPromotion

The world of books and literature is one that is filled with untold treasures for the mind and spirit. There is never a shortage of stories that please. The difficulty for most persons is finding them. Visiting a book review site can help you in this endeavor. It can provide you the insight you need to decide whether a book is worth reading. Book Reviews provide plot summaries, criticism, and recommendations. Armed with the evaluation of an independent reviewer, you will be able to determine whether a particular book is of interest to you.

The explosion, and near ubiquity, of the worldwide web has made reading even more popular. Nowadays, persons have a choice between different books but between different media through which to read them. The increase in books published and the general audience that reads them has given rise to the need for more persons to review them. The Book Review Blog is the most popular means by which this is done. Such sites provide readers with a single space they can go to get critical opinions on the latest novels and other kinds of books.

One of the worst things for a person to suffer through, especially a person who enjoys reading, is buying a book only to find out that it is poor.

It really isn't even the money, although that can be a factor with some people. No, what really drives frustration in such instances is the feeling of disappointment, of being let down. Every reader knows the emotion well. Ordering a book, getting it in the mail, opening it up and reading it; and then as you read it realizing that it wasn't at all what you thought. This can be a tremendous let down.

A book reviewer can provide you with a means of avoiding such a feeling. A good book review site will allow you to get a sense of what the book is like, how it reads, and some of the major plot points or themes dealt within it. To be sure, there is no substitute for reading the book for yourself. However, you can get a bit of assistance in judging whether a book is worth buying and reading, or, at the very least, a warning against going near it. A book review blog can be indispensable in helping you sift through the weeds in order to get to the flowers of fiction.

Fortunately, it is not hard to get to such sites. And there is the added bonus of having a wide selection to choose from. The web gives you the flexibility to not only select from a variety of review sites but to compare and contrast them before you do. Doing so will allow you to get a sense of what you really want from such a site. You can begin to better understand the features that you value, and determine for yourself the quality and value of each site. Deciding which blog review site to use will set you up for entering the world of books on a sure footing.

Source: Chris Clark@Kris'sBookReviews

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

2014 Filipino Readers’ Choice Awards Voting Period (August 20 to September 10, 2014) #BooksPromotion #OFW

2014 Filipino Readers’ Choice Awards Voting Period (August 20 to September 10, 2014) #BooksPromotion #OFW

Kindly support by voting for my novel books and cookbooks listed below. Thanks

Filipino Readers Choice Awards Nominees: My 2 Novel Books and 2 Cookbooks, 1 Non Fiction book: Casting of Votes will start August 20, 2014. Kindly support my books. Thank you.

(1) Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW): This is My Life and Story (Fiction)

(2) The Filipino Werewolf (Fiction)

(3) Housewives Cookbook Guide for Dining Pleasure (Cookbook)

(4) The Philippines and International Restaurants Food Recipes (Cookbook)

(5) Every Woman Should Know About Beauty Secrets (Non-Fiction)

Vote for your favorite books from the nominees for the Readers’ Choice Awards! The voting period will determine the short list for the semi-finals that will be sent for panel judging. Top 3 winners for each category will advance to the next phase.

Voting period is up to September 10, 2014.

One vote per category, ONE BALLOT PER EMAIL ADDRESS. Multiple votes using one email address will not be counted.
You need to click one button per category for your vote to be submitted. If you have no vote for a specific category, you may select the "Skip" button.

The ballot has 8 pages, so make sure you go through all of them. Your vote is not submitted until you click the Submit button and get to the confirmation page.

Click this link to vote:

Filipino Readers Choice Awards 2014 Online Ballot Voting

Nominations for the 2014 Filipino Readers’ Choice Awards!

An initiative of the Filipino Book Bloggers Group, the Filipino Readers’ Choice Awards debuted at the 2nd Filipino Reader Conference in 2012, and was established to develop awareness and appreciation of Philippine literature, recognize the reader’s role in creating the meaning and experience of a literary work, and give the readers a voice in the Philippine book industry.

Nomination period is from August 4 to 18, 2014, so that’s plenty of time to nominate your favorite Filipino-authored, 2013 published books, and tell your friends to nominate their favorite Philippine published books, too!

To nominate a book, fill out the nomination form and hit submit. You can nominate as many books as you want, but don’t forget: only books written by Filipino authors, published from January to December 2013 will be accepted. Nominations that do not fulfill these criteria will be disqualified. Not quite sure if the book you read and liked was published in 2013? We have a list of 2013 published books here. If you’re an author or a publisher and your 2013 book(s) are not in the list, please send us an email at filipinoreaderschoice@gmail.com with the title, author, and publisher and we’ll add them to the list. :)

Here are the categories for this year’s FRCA:

Fiction in English- A novel in English, in any of the following genres: literary fiction, mystery/thriller, historical fiction, fantasy, science fiction, horror, speculative fiction.
Fiction in Filipino (or Taglish) – A novel in Filipino (or Taglish), in any of the following genres: literary fiction, mystery/thriller, historical fiction, fantasy, science fiction, horror, speculative fiction
Romance in English – A novel or novelette in English, in any of the following genres or classifications: romance, chick lit, erotica
Romance in Filipino (or Taglish) – A novel or novelette in Filipino (or Taglish), in any of the following genres or classifications: romance, chick lit, erotica
Fiction Anthology – Short story compilation by a single author or multiple authors, in either English or Filipino
Young Adult Fiction – A novel aimed towards the young adult audience, in either English or Filipino
Children’s Picture Book – A children’s picture book, fiction or nonfiction, in either English or Filipino
Comics & Graphic Novels – A comic compilation or graphic novel, fiction or nonfiction, in either English or Filipino
Poetry – A collection of poetry by a single author or multiple authors, in either English or Filipino
Inspirational / Religious – Nonfiction, in any of the following classifications: religious, spiritual, inspirational, either English or Filipino
Humor – Nonfiction work, classified as humor, in either English or Filipino
Food & Cookbook – Nonfiction work, classified under food or cooking
Nonfiction – Single work or anthology, of the following classifications: arts and culture, memoir, autobiography, biography, creative nonfiction, history, philosophy, psychology, in either English or Filipino

Some other things to keep in mind before submitting your nominations:

Reprints or later editions of books previously nominated to the FRCA will not be considered for the awards.
Works of Filipino authors published abroad are accepted as long as they meet the set publication dates and category description
Translated works of foreign authors are currently not qualified for any of the award categories.
The FRCA committee reserves the right to decide on the books qualified for nomination based on the publication dates and category description.

Final Nominees for the 2014 Filipino Readers’ Choice Awards

Fiction in English:

Project 17 by Eliza Victoria (Visprint)
The Mango Bride by Marivi Soliven Blanco (New American Library)
Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW): This is My Life and Story by Fernando Lachica (Fernando Lachica; First Edition edition (March 4, 2013))
The Filipino Werewolf by Fernando Lachica (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 1 edition (March 11, 2013))
Eight Muses of the Fall by Edgar Samar (Anvil Publishing)
Gitarista by Reev Robledo (Self-published)
Driftwood on Dry Land by T.S. Sungkit, Jr. (UST Publishing House)
The Coconut Republic by Manuel Montealegre (UST Publishing House)
The Recorded History of a Girl by Celine Lopez (National Book Store)

Fiction in Filipino (or Taglish):

Bayaning Lamanlupa by U Z. Eliserio (Flipside Publishing)
Ang Banal na Aklat ng mga Kumag by Allan Derain (Cacho Publishing)
Ang Lihim ng Ultramar by Rhod V. Nuncio (UST Publishing House)
Para sa Hopeless Romantic by Marcelo Santos III (Lodestar Press Inc.)

Romance in English:

All’s Fair in Blog and War by Chrissie Peria (Self-published)
Cover (Story) Girl by Chris Mariano (Self-published)
Finding X by Miles Tan (Self-published)
The Real Score by Kesh Tanglao (Self-published)
Welcome to Envy Park by Mina V. Esguerra (Bright Girl Books)
When Fangirls Cry by Marian Tee (Independent publishing)
The Royal Heartbreak by Marian Tee (Independent publishing)
Vintage Love by Agay Llanera (Self-published)
In Over Her Head by Anne Plaza (Self-published)
Well Played by Katrina Ramos Atienza (Self-published)

Romance in Filipino (or Taglish):

Baby, Be Mine by Sofia (Precious Pages/Precious Hearts Romances)
Story of Us Trilogy Book 1: A Love to Cherish by Aya Myers (Precious Pages/Precious Hearts Romances)
Story of Us Trilogy Book 2: A Tale of Forever by Aya Myers (Precious Pages/Precious Hearts Romances)
Story of Us Trilogy Book 3: A Tale of Love to Cherish Forever by Aya Myers (Precious Pages/Precious Hearts Romances)
Hanggang Wakas by Angela Pangilinan (Precious Pages/Precious Hearts Romances)
A Home In His Arms by Aya Myers (Precious Pages/Precious Hearts Romances)
Love on Trial by Aya Myers (Precious Pages/Precious Hearts Romances)
Anonymous by Gypsy Esguerra (Black Ink Comics)
The Girl and the Goldfish by Maricar Dizon (Black Ink Comics)
The Unexpected You by Sonia Francesca (Precious Pages/Precious Hearts Romances)
StallionRevisited 5: Rain Elizondo by Sonia Francesca (Precious Pages/Precious Hearts Romances)
My Favorite Girl by Luna King (Precious Pages/Precious Hearts Romances)
Unbreak My Heart by Sofia (Precious Pages/Precious Hearts Romances)
Heaven by Angel Bautista (Precious Pages/Precious Hearts Romances)
Mga Mata sa Dilim by Camilla (Precious Pages/Precious Hearts Romances)

Fiction Anthology:

Kaba by Yvette Tan (A&S Books)
Anim na Sabado ng Beyblade at iba pang Sanaysay by Ferdinand Pisigan Jarin (Visprint Inc.)
Querida: An Anthology by Tuvera et al (Anvil)
Manila Noir by Jessica Hagedorn (Anvil)
BAKA NG INA MO: O bakit hindi palaging mother knows best by Ronaldo S. Vivo Jr., Erwin C. Dayrit, Danell Arquero, Ronnel S. Vivo, Earl Kristian Palma, Christian De Jesus (UngazPress)
Unseen Moon by Eliza Victoria (Self-published)
The Heart of Need by Augusto Antonio Aguila (UST Publishing House)
Twice-Told Subanon Tales by Antonio Enriquez (UST Publishing House)
For Love and Kisses by Andrea Pasion Flores (UST Publishing House)
Now, Then, and Elsewhen by Nikki Alfar (UST Publishing House)

Young Adult Fiction:

Shine by Candy Gourlay (David Fickling Books)
Three Words Eight Letters Say It and I’m Yours by Jade Pitogo (PopFiction)
Talk Back and You’re Dead By Alesana Marie (PSICOM)
Fan Girl Meets Superman by Aivan Reigh A. Vivero (Lifebooks)
The Boy Wears Prada by Aivan Reigh A. Vivero (Night Owl Books)
The Despicable Guy by Leng de Chavez (PopFiction)
Secretly Married by forgottenglimmer (PopFiction)
She’s Dating the Gangster by SGWannB (PopFiction)
Operation: Break the Casanova’s Heart by Aly Almario (PopFiction)
A and D by Louisse Carreon (fallenbabybubu) (PopFiction)
The Bet by Kimberly Joy Villanueva (PopFiction)
For Hire: A Damn Good Kisser (Book 1) by Ariesa Domingo (PopFiction)
Three Words Eight Letters Say it and I’m Yours by Girlinlove (PopFiction)
Queen of the Clueless (Interim Goddess of Love # 2) by Mina V. Esguerra (Bright Girl Books)
Icon of the Indecisive (Interim Goddess of Love # 3) by Mina V. Esguerra (Bright Girl Books)

Children’s Picture Book:

Ngumiti si Andoy by Xi Zuq, Dominic Agsaway (Adarna House)
But That Won’t Make Me Sleep by Annie Pacana-Lumbao (Adarna House)
Ma-Me-Mi-Mumu by Jomike Tejido (Tahanan)
EDSA by Russell Molina, Sergio Bumatay (Adarna House)
MANTSA by Augie Rivera (Plan International, Inc. (Philippines))
Ang Walong Baso ni Kuya Paquito by Annie Pacana-Lumbao , illus: Ray Nazarene Sunga (Adarna House and FNRI-DOST)
Alpabetong Filipino by Nicanor G. Tiongson (Tahanan)
What Kids Should Know About Andres and the Katipunan by Rowena “Weng” Cahiles (Adarna House)
Kayumanggi by Christine Marie Lim Magpile (Lampara Publishing Inc.)
Si Berting, ang Batang Uling by Christopher S. Rosales (Lampara Publishing Inc.)
Bugtong, Bugtong 2 by Daniel Tayona (Tahanan)
Top Ten Travels: Guangzhou by Scott Lee Chua (Anvil Publishing Inc.)

Comics & Graphic Novels:

Kung Paano Ako Naging Leading Lady by Carlo Vergara (Visprint)
PilandoKomiks Isyu 2: Mga Pagsubok ng Karagatan by Borg Sinaban (Adarna House)
Wandering Hearts by Nald Tabuzo (Black Ink Comics)
The Dark Colony: Book 1 – MIkey Recio and The Secret Of The Demon Dungeon by Budjette Tan, Bow Guerrero, JB Tapia (Alamat)
The Filipino Heroes League Book 2: The Sword by Paolo Fabregas (Visprint)
Trese: Book of Murders by Budjette Tan and Kajo Baldisimo (Visprint)
Zombinoy No. 5 by Geonard Yleana, Carlo Cruz, Dennies Layante and Sid Santos (Pelikomiks Studios)


What Passes for Answers by Mikael de Lara Co (ADMU Press)
Kalmot ng Pusa sa Tagiliran by Jim Pascual Agustin (UST Press)
Sound Before Water by Jim Pascual Agustin (UST Press)
Musings of a Filipino Fighter by Malyari Lucban (Dagitab Publishing)
The Saints of Streets by Luisa A. Igloria (UST Press)
Burning Houses by Mookie Katigbak-Lacuesta (UST Press)
Canticos: Apat na Boses by K. S. Cordero (UST Press)
M’mry Wire by Ricardo M. De Ungria (UST Press)
Ulikba at iba pang bagong tula by Epifanio San Juan, Jr. (UST Press)
Kalmot ng Pusa sa Tagiliran by Jim Pascual Agustin (UST Press)
Kung Saan sa Katawan: Mga Tula by Louie Jon A. Sanchez (UST Press)
Ang Romansa ng Pagsagip ng Osong Marso by Virgilio Almario (Rio Alma) (UST Press)
Caesuras: 155 New Poems by Cesar Ruiz Aquino (UST Press)
To the Evening Star by Simeon Dumdum, Jr. (UST Press)

Inspirational / Religious:

Quick Questions, Uneasy Answers by Fr. Johnny S. Go, S.J. (Independent)
The Lighter Side of Saints by Lina Diaz de Rivera (Anvil Publishing Inc.)
You Can’t Interview God: Church Women and Men in the News by Ceres P. Doyo (Anvil Publishing Inc.)
Mama Mary and Her Children Book 4 by Fr. James Reuter, S.J. (Anvil Publishing Inc.)


Men are from QC, Women are from Alabang by Stanley Chi (PSICOM)
I Saw Da Sign (Compilation) (Summit Books)

Food & Cookbook:

Housewives Cookbook Guide for Dining Pleasure by Fernando Lachica (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform)
The Philippines and International Restaurants Food Recipes by Fernando Lachica (BookRix GmbH & Co. KG)
Dessert Comes First by Lori Baltazar (Sketchbooks Inc.)
Eat Out Now 2014 by Alicia Colby Sy (Summit Books)
Spot.ph Top 10 Everything Food Lists by Spot.ph (Summit Books)
The Malunggay Book by Theodore Salonga and Mon Urbano Anvil Publishing Inc.)
Coconut Oil: From Diet to Therapy by Conrado Dayrit & Fabian Dayrit Anvil Publishing Inc.)
Cacao Bean to Bar by Pacita Juan and Josephine Ramos Anvil Publishing Inc.)
The Sexy Cookbook by Rachel Alejandro & Chef Barni Alejandro-Rennebeck (National Book Store)
Tastes of Home: A Family Cookbook by Sari Jorge (National Book Store)


60 Minutes: Interviews with People who Inspire by Ivy Mendoza / Manila Bulletin (Anvil)
Philippine Style: Design and Architecture by Luca Tettoni & Elizabeth Reyes (Anvil)
Every Woman Should Know About Beauty Secrets by Fernando Lachica (BookRix GmbH & Co. KG)
Report from the Abyss by Karl R. de Mesa (Visprint)
STORY BOOK: Essays on the History of the Book by May Jurilla Anvil Publishing Inc.)
Tricia Gosingtian’s 150 Style Essentials for Every Girl by Tricia Gosingtian (Summit Books)
Personal Space and Other Essays by Chit Roces- Santos Anvil Publishing Inc.)
Human Face: A Journalist’s Encounters and Awakenings by Ceres P. Doyo Anvil Publishing Inc.)
Isabelo’s Archive by Resil B. Mojares Anvil Publishing Inc.)
Motherhood Statements by Rica Bolipata-Santos and Cyan Abad-Hugo, editors Anvil Publishing Inc.)
Story Book: Essays on the history of the Book in the Philippines by Patricia May B. Jurilla Anvil Publishing Inc.)
My Take: Growing Up, Liking It So Far by Scott Lee Chua Anvil Publishing Inc.)
The Naga We Know by Paz Verdados Santos & Kristian Sendon Cordero Anvil Publishing Inc.)
Wellness for Mothers by Robin Lim Anvil Publishing Inc.)
Learning Series: Study Smart by Queena Lee-Chua Anvil Publishing Inc.)
A Cultural History of Santo Domingo by Romeo B. Galang, Jr. UST Publishing House)
A Wartime Legacy: The UST During the 2nd World War 1941-1945 by Jose Victor Z. Torres UST Publishing House)
Of War and Peace: Lantakas and Bells Part 1 (revised) by W-A Miailhe de Burgh and Fe B. Mangahas UST Publishing House)
Stepping Stones by Baboo Mondonedo UST Publishing House)
Autumn in Madrid and Other Travel Tales by Alice Sun-Cua UST Publishing House)
Discernments by Ralph Semino Galan UST Publishing House)
Peace Mindanao by Jaime An Lim (editor) UST Publishing House)
Vatican II at Fifty by Fr. Fausto Gomez, O.P. UST Publishing House)
Living the Episcopacy by Leonardo Z. Legaspi UST Publishing House)
Of War and Peace: Lantakas and Bells Part 2 (revised) by Regalado Trota Jose UST Publishing House)
Enshrining the Nation: Monuments to Forgetting and the Invention of Historical Memory by Jaymee T. Siao UST Publishing House)
Filipino sa Dominyo ng Kapangyarihan by Roberto T. Añonuevo UST Publishing House)
The Living River: A History of Colegio Del Buen Consejo by Luciano P. R. Santiago UST Publishing House)

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: A freelance writer who meticulously structured and maintained blogs just for you:A LIFE SO FAR AWAYand my other business blog:SHOPPING eMALL Thank you for your valuable time. Follow my business & writings and you'll find what life's meant to be.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Forming A Strategy To Market Your Book #BooksPromotion

John Harricharan's latest creation, Authors University, teaches current and aspiring authors all about the publishing process, including how to develop a book marketing plan. Download his free "Get Published Blueprint" at Authors University

Forming A Strategy To Market Your Book #BooksPromotion

Before you even begin writing your book you need to start forming a strategy to market your book - a book marketing plan. Writing a book is a large investment of time, energy, effort and money, and so it's critical that you don't set out on this path without a good plan.

Planning is Essential in Your Strategy to Market Your Book

Before you even begin putting together the details of your marketing plan, you will have to give careful thought to a number of important factors. For instance, you need to determine what your book is about, who your potential readers are, what other books are available that are similar to yours or different than your own. This essentially defines your target market.

Once you have defined your market, you need to make sure that your book addresses what your audience is most concerned about or interested in. Put together an outline of your chapters and make sure that the direction of your book holds true to what your audience wants.

With this more clearly spelled out, you can start mapping out strategies for marketing your book. Having a book marketing plan will aid you in writing a much better book before you even begin writing. The choices you make when determining how to market and promote your book will ultimately determine the success of your newly published book.

Strategic Marketing and Promotional Planning

You have done all the work of researching, taking notes, writing the outlines and rough drafts to finally complete your book. Forming a strategy to market your book includes marketing, publicizing and promoting it. You may consider various options; here are a few that are helpful.

- When you want to attract as much media attention as possible, you need to write an engaging and informative press release. Remember to optimize your press release as you write it, to fit your particular needs of niche, genre or targeted market. Then send your press release to the various broadcasting and print media for release to the public. Consider sending your press release to any local newspaper for inclusion in that paper, as well as possible interviews for the newspaper.

- Accumulate a large mailing list of your targeted market in order to make them aware of your book, as well as any back end products you may wish to convert into sales.

- In this day and age it is a wise investment of time, effort and money to build your own website or blog featuring your book. Remember to title your site or blog using your book title as its name, so that it is easy to locate while searching online. Include rich keywords and keyword phrases to entice the search engines, as well as anyone surfing the Internet trying to find your book for purchase. If you cannot build the site yourself, hire someone to do it for you.

There are many other means to consider while forming your book marketing plan. Take it one step at a time for book planning, and you are sure to find success!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: A freelance writer who meticulously structured and maintained blogs just for you:A LIFE SO FAR AWAY and blogsite:BOOKS MALL BLOG Thank you for your valuable time.

Friday, February 21, 2014

8 Effective Ways for Book Promotions to Reach Your Fans Worldwide #BooksPromotion

Alla Gilbert is an exclusive writer and skillfully writes on global book exhibitions, book promotion and on several topics related to authors, books and book fairs. She has 2 little kids and a publishing house to manage. Even though she is a homemaker, she efficiently handles her profession with equal spirit. She has full faith in Combined Book Exhibition services to do justice to the book promotion and Ebook marketing.She is much excited to attend upcoming book fairs 2014. Visit Go Articles

8 Effective Ways for Book Promotions to Reach Your Fans Worldwide

Have you completed writing a book and are now planning to promote it effectively? Book promotion is one of the most significant factors that helps you to put your innovative ideas and thoughts in front of the readers throughout the world. By promoting your book effectively, you can not only reach out to your numerous fans worldwide but also gain a greater number of fans for your work in the publishing world. Here are some effective techniques that can help you to promote your new book to a large number of readers worldwide.

1. Develop and print postcards: You can develop your own cards, which promotes your book title, on your computer system, if you have an application designed for the same. If not, you can search online for a good printing service that can help with the creation and printing of postcards that advertises your new book.
Click an image of your book and use it on the postcards and other promotional materials. Write a personalized note on the back of this card. Mail these cards to your friends, colleagues, librarians, and other people you know. Ensure that you personally hand out these postcards at popular book fairs, conferences, seminars, and rest of the networking events. Try to tell your fans and other readers about your book in one or two sentences.

2. Approach popular global book exhibitions: You should try to display your book in some popular global book fairs in 2014 such as BookExpo America 2014, Frankfurt book fair 2014, and many more. Research online to learn about date, venue, how to showcase your books and other aspects of these popular events and participate in these events to promote your new book. You can give a great exposure to your book by displaying it in these global events.

3. Create your list: It is always good to keep a record of all the people you meet, especially the media professionals, by collecting their business cards. Try to capture all the contact names that come your way. Add all the names, contacts, and others details of these people in your database. Remember to ask the professionals whether it's alright to add their names to your list.

4. Get your new book reviewed: Is your new book published? Did your book publisher get good reviews for your book? If not, then hurry up to get some since good book reviews greatly help in the book promotion. Talk to your publisher about this need and if your publisher agrees you can get good and impressive reviews for your book. Ask for your own copies of those reviews so that you can use them to promote your book by your means. You can use these reviews in your own promotional materials such as banners, advertisements, and even use them on your own website.

5. Promote your new book through popular magazines: Try to sell the serial rights to some popular magazines to promote your book effectively. In this way, you can give the magazines the right to print some selected portions of your new book in popular magazine. If you have a book publisher, they can help you to promote your new book through some well-known magazines since publishers own rights in this regard.

6. Set up a media campaign: Make a list of television channels and radio shows that can help you in promoting your book. Try to set up a broadcast media campaign to promote your new volume. Have a press release on your book ready to fax or mail. Approach producers of relevant television shows and your press release to them, if they ask for it. Don’t mail them your release unless you have permission for the same or else they will throw it away. You can promote your work to a greater number of readers through the media.

7. Promote your work through your social circle: Spread the word about your volume through your friends, family, colleagues, business associates, clients, and many other people in your acquaintance. Send an email, about your new work, to your fans and friends. Keep your fans up-to-date about the happenings of your book. Narrate them your experiences when writing the book. Putting all this on your blog can prove very effective to increase the popularity of your new book among the readers.

8. Publicize your book through print media: Print media publicity campaign can prove instrumental in promoting your book to a greater number of people and your fans. Advertise your new book in the major newspapers. Always include the telephone number and the website where the readers can order your new book. Also, do not forget to advertise your book in some small local community papers that have several subscribers to market your book effective.

If you try to market your new book by using these eight effective ways, you are sure to advertise your book effectively and reach maximum readers and fans worldwide.

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Overseas Filipino Worker Book 1 and 2 #BooksPromotion

Overseas Filipino Worker Book 1 and 2

A weak young man…A first true love…A beautiful-rich woman obsessed with love…A kind-loving wife…A circle of friends…Chasing their dreams abroad as OFWs…All brought together with their destiny to love aflame with conflict, lies, lust, ambition, hatred, revenge and the struggle for life in a faraway place.

Marco Fernando’s new status in life was confronted by a series of discoveries he never imagined. Poverty consumed him to continue his journey until a rich woman Danielle Gustilo shed light playing the game he mastered; she never thought that Marco became her enemy for life. Marco decided to play the dirty game of love without the knowledge of his wife Ayah Isabel Gonzales while reaching his dreams abroad, and a lifetime journey in molding his future. He longed for happy-family-life through his money, but boredom surrounds him that nearly broke his family.

Marco Fernando's life in Dubai City continues while expanding his business empire globally. The CIA wanted him so much to be a part of the operations in which he cannot denied because of his family's in danger. The Americans gave him a mission in China for cyber espionage, but instead discovered that his country, the Philippines is under demolition.

His friendship with Oliver, the son of Mike Luna, resulted to a disaster during their operation because of his love to a beautiful Chinese lady. Confronted the danger inside the enemy territory, his children wanted to rescue him at all cost. But, love blossomed between him and his enemy counterpart that resulted his mission to be aborted. He met his counterpart that broke his heart in two.

Despite for all the odds of his mission, he's determined to proceed because of the love for his country. His journey to penetrate the Chinese Espionage Team gives him the power to accept other facets of life that he thought to be just as simple as loving his wife, Ayah Isabel Gonzales.

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The struggles of an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW), a dreamer who becomes a billionaire through the game of love he mastered. A fiction novel created with lies, lusts, revenge, ambitions, dreams, love, jealousy, friendship and the craziness of mankind.

Book Description:

A weak young man…A first true love…A beautiful-rich woman obsessed with love…A kind-loving wife…A circle of friends…Chasing their dreams abroad as OFWs…All brought together with their destiny to love aflame with conflicts, lies, lusts, ambition, hatred, revenge and the struggle for life in a faraway place.

OVERSEAS FILIPINO WORKER (OFW): THE GAME OF LIFE is a story of young man from a small island of Negros Occidental, the Philippines, who treaded his life to a city and found his true love. He never thought that life in Manila (The City of Hopes) is a rugged terrain of heartaches, lies, hatred and revenge. He found his true-self when destiny engulfed him working in a faraway place called Dubai (The City of Dreams) as an OFW. Lied and played his game so well to reach his dreams; used his charms to build corporations and became the first OFW Billionaire in the history of the Philippine Islands!

Marco Fernando’s new status in life was confronted by a series of discoveries he never imagined. Poverty consumed him to continue his journey until a rich woman Danielle Gustilo shed light playing the game he mastered; she never thought that Marco became her enemy for life. Marco decided to play the dirty game of love without the knowledge of his wife Ayah Isabel Gonzales while reaching his dreams abroad, and a lifetime journey in molding his future. He longed for happy-family-life through his money, but boredom surrounds him that nearly broke his family.


She gave me what I wanted for her, the satisfaction, the orgasms…but, let me set the scene, just for your total information.

Imagine.... the night's cool, brisk, quiet, and heavy with the fresh rain. A small breeze swayed through the bottom of the slightly open windows, bringing in the scent of the sweet fresh rain. It mingled scantily with the fragrance of fruity-sweet-apple emanating from the several candles strategically placed around the room that flicker slowly in the breeze. The pale blue curtains danced and tickled in the skimming breeze. The cool breeze touched over the thick blue carpet, mingling the scent of the beautiful rain with the fragrance already laced into the weaves. A candle sits nestled in one corner of the room on a black wrought iron glass top table, illuminating the pale blue behind it. A candle sits on the two windows across the room from each other, the flames dancing tightly in time and in tune with one another, but never going out. Two more candles sit on the center of two end tables snuggled close to either side of the bed. The faintest music of wind chimed that hang in the last window behind me can be heard over the sweet tinker and echo of the rain. Our king sized bed sits in the center of the room, draped in glassy red satin sheets, topped with a thick red feather blanket, with several plush feather pillows lining the cherry wood headboard. The light was so very dim, but even so I can see everything clearly in the muted glow.

I can see Danielle’s form sitting on the bed, head resting comfortably on the lush pillows. She’s wearing a red silk nightgown with her body curve drawn from inside. Her feet are crossed and propped up on the folded down blanket. Her arms are crossed over her soft breasts pulling tightly against the taut fabric.

I was standing naked in front of the bed looking at her.

I wore the crooked sexy smile that she had always found so dreamy on me and it always made her weak at the knees. I stretched my muscular body, arms raised over my head and her feet reaching towards me. My body relaxed again and scooted down a little, still looking at her.

Her eyes slowly slide down my body, then even more leisurely back up. Again, her gaze lingered on my muscular body.

I stepped up towards the high bed and put one leg up on the blanket and painstakingly slowly I raised myself up from the floor to stand before her on the bed. I slowly rocked side to side; grinding my hips down slowly towards the bed until my knees were touching the feather blanket, then leaned down forward on my hands until I was on all fours before her. I came forward a little, and with my one hand, I began to untie the little satin ribbon that was holding the top of her nightgown. I let my greedy eyes get even hungrier at the sight of her supple breasts. “Do you like what you see?” She said in a husky whisper.

Just the sight of licking my dry lips makes her know that I do.

The music slows down a little to another song, and now I know what I want to do. Somehow it was there inside me all along; I just didn’t know how to get it out. That animal passion that I wanted to use when teasing her all night long was finally coming out in me.

With the beat of the music, I explored her body with ardent pleasure, starting from her collarbone, gently nipping and biting her as I slowly began to kiss her body.

The music changes again and I can’t hold on any longer. I reached her head pulling close to me and kiss her while in kneeling position. I gently bite her lip as I kiss her and feel the passionate searing pain of her nails in my back. I draw in a sharp breath, not from the pain but exploring. She arched her back up into my hands, feeling her nails lingering at my lower back. I looked at her and she barely nod back to me, but it is enough for her to know I’ll finally let us into this dance.

Her arms are around my shoulders now as she feels my move more on top of her, feeling every curve of her body welding with mine. Our breaths get shallow and quickened, but neither of those things matter right now. All that matters in this one moment is Danielle and me. She began to close her eyes when I begin to enter her lovely heaven. I whisper to her to open her eyes and look into my eyes, and my first blow made her totally energized.

We rock back and forth in this sensual dance. Time goes by us, until she’s calling my name and her nails are drawing blood. I hugged her so tight and kissed her so hard. We collapsed together, our passions spent, and gave her silver ring as an engagement. She rested into my arms breathing slowly and contentedly.

We soon fall asleep in each other’s arms, knowing to myself that I captured her, like a prisoner in a cage!

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How To Generate Online Leads For Your Local Business #BooksPromotion

Online Video Leads, Marketing, Local business, video marketing, My Video Talk

Photo source: Online Video Leads to Brand Engagement by Digitas Photos, on Flickr

Resource: Bella Dalton is an expert researcher and writer who writes review on emerging business trends. Quoteworld is one of the service/business leads providing website which has been reviewed by Bella. Visit: Article Online Directory

How To Generate Online Leads For Your Local Business

Generation of quality leads is extremely important for any website to grow its business and earn profitability. In this article we will learn how to generate quality leads for your business and convert them into your customers. The first question that may come to your mind while generating leads is: Why take your local business online if you are already doing a successful offline business.

The reason for this is convenience that online business provide, you can get more business leads very quickly online without wasting your energy, time and money.

Did you know the potential customers are 20 times more likely to search online for a local supplier than to go to yellow pages?

With the advancement in computer technologies, internet and high-speed broadband, people are increasingly tending to shop for products and services online.

If someone in a locality is searching online for the product or service that you supply, what is the probability of him or her finding your business. If it is less then you are certainly losing out on your business.

This is where online lead generation comes into picture.

Steps to be taken to generate online leads:

1. Create a Good Website. First thing you need to do is set up a website that is easy to navigate and provide complete information about your company and the products and services. Secondly take all the necessary actions to appear in local search results. You should register your site with Google Business and Google Maps and submit your site to the various search engines.

2. Add Creativity to Your Content . You can set up a just a listings site but including informative content about the various products and services on your site will add quality to the site and also will help improving rankings of your site.

3. Keywords to attract local traffic. Your site should have the physical address and phone number. It should have geographically specific keywords placed in various combinations like in the page title, header tags and in the content of the page itself. With the help of online research tools like Google AdWords, use can come up with the possible keywords people use when they search for the product or service you provide.

4. Lead Generation form. You must include a lead generation form on your site to capture the leads. Convert customers into leads by adding a "contact us" form. Capture customer information through form by asking them questions about their needs. A price quote form is a good way.

5. Promotions on social networking sites. Social networking sites are very popular among people. If you create a page on these sites then you can definitely connect with the potential customers and their groups and promote your business.

6. Press release Submissions. Use news sites to submit press releases about your business. You can write something newsworthy going on your business and get the quality backlinks to your site.

7. Email Marketing. Email is a great way to find your potential customers. You can create a message with pictures and compelling copy. Email lists can be purchased from a listed broker or self-generated from your address book. Email has a wider reach to your customers.

8. Local profiles creation. Create your profile on search engines and online local business directories like Google Places and Yellow pages because if you donot you will remain invisible or take risk letting others publish wrong information about you.

9. Advertising. You can advertise your products and services through radio, television, Social Media, print and billboards. The internet can also be used to advertise. You can use pay-per-click advertising on LinkedIn, Facebook and Google with keywords to trigger your ads.

10. Referrals/Testimonials from Customers. Referrals from your customers removes the doubt from the minds of customers regarding your abilities to perform. Referrals could be a audio, video or a recommendation on Linkedin.

11. Business Networking: There are lot of business networking sites which help you generate leads for your business and contribute significantly to your business profitability. These sites are ready-made where you are supposed to register your business and watch the quick leads coming to you and then you can provide quotes for the same without any hassle. Quoteworld is one of such sites where business vendors can register and get the leads respective to their business.

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